Friday, 3 July 2020


 Having two large dogs, who have no idea that some parts of the garden are not meant for exploring, we have had to try and solve how to keep them off this area. But we still wanted it to look nice. So we added the wavy edging above the paving that holds the earth back. This ofcourse was not high enough to deter them.
We considered making some of the five bar style wooden fencing, but it would be in the way of seeing the garden then I found these steel five bar gate fencing which allows you to see the garden without focusing on the barrier.

 They will rust over time but last for years and I think do just what we wanted, stop the dogs from just walking onto the garden while allowing the planting to be seen fully without obstruction.

The same seller had these great Daffodil headed plant supports, so we bought four to use in the garden.

Such lovely detail and they should last for years.



  1. What a great idea to keep the dogs off the flower beds, those fences look really nice and stylish too. I like the daffodils too, they're very effective!

    1. It seems to be working well. I love the daffodils just need a plant to use them with :) x