Sunday, 22 March 2020


Finally the days are getting a little warmer and the plants are starting to grow.

 Our little Magnolia Stellata is putting on it's usual beautifl spring show of white flowers.

 Front the front.

 The hastily made plant bed , to keep some plants over winter , worked and the plants are thriving, along with some others that were left in the plastic over winter.

 This little plant in the trough by the workshop is flowering well.

 The tubs of tulips in the formal garden are going well.

The sun was streaming in today. Palnts growing in the raised garden.

 This Camelia is flowering well and does not appear to have been damaged by the recent cold nights.

 A big clump of deep rose Hellibores are flowering in the raised garden looking beautiful in the spring sunshine.

 We moved the pots of Tulips we planted up last year , out onto the patio, which needs it's spring clean, so that we can enjoy when they flower.

 another two large tubs were placed either side of the Fig plant.

 The trough by the front door is now full of lovely spring colour making a nice splash.

Finally this little pail of spring bulbs is still flowering each spring despite being pretty much ignore for the last two years. I must give them some attention once they have finished flowering.

We also planted up some vegtable seeds and placed them in the greenhouse.


Wednesday, 11 March 2020


And today the sun is out.

 I checked on the pots of Tulips in the box beds and they are coming along nicely.

 Plenty of lovely shoots appearing.

 This small Japanese Cherry Blossom that sits just outside the Lych gate is flowering beautifully. When I think that I bought this about fifteen years ago from Woolworths, in a small plastic bag and it was about 6 inches long and just a couple of twigs!.

 The jungle area is full and doing well.

 Will need to get outside and start to clear and tie in etc soon.

 Plants growing where they will in the folly floor getting a little sun.

We planted some plants we had to move iin a strip of grass in the flower garden and they are starting to grow, so will need to find a space in the borders in the coming month of so.

We just need a couple of dry and not stormy weekends, when we are not committed to other things or the garden will start to take advantage of our neglect and go wild!