Sunday 23 February 2020


Well it's nearly the end of February, so Spring is just round the corner and the garden is just starting to wake up.

The primroses in the trough out front are starting to add a bit more colour.

Tiny daff's are fighting their way through the weeds.

This large Camelia , by the house,  is full of buds that are starting to open unfortunatly it normally gets high by some frost which browns the flowers and destroys some of the buds but for now it's all looking promising.

The evergreen Clamatis id full to bursting with buds just starting to flower.

These two Camelia's, above and below, which were given to us by some friends who moved to Cornwall have survived the winter and starting to bud.


Last year Paul planted up eight of these large black tubs with Tulips to go inside the box, two tubs to each bay, the leaves are starting to break the surface so hopefully we will get a nice display of colour in a month or so.

 Alas the winter storms over the last few weekends have not helped the standard Rose Molineux which was leaning to begin with and is now much worse... we will have to see if it can be saved.

 Up in the raised garden pockets of purple crocuses are adding a splash of clolour.

 The jungle is full nas swaying in the winds.

 just some of the water that's fallen recently.

The folly which still needs a few finishing touches. One of the jobs that we must finish this year.

a peek inside.

 The reasons why the grass is full of ruts ! They love running and chasing each other round the circle bed in the centre!

 and why we need to decide if we returf this area or fully pave it.

My pot as survived the winter along with the Dicksonia'swhich we have now uncovered.

  Joan waits patiently for the summer sun.

The troughs out front are weathering nicely.

the kitchen sink ..

 starting to flower.

 the front garden.

Another week or so and we'll have to start getting outside and clearing and making ready for the coming season.