Friday 25 March 2022


 Almost all the Magnolia's are now flowering.

This one is Lenard Missel which we only planted late last year in the new back border.

This is going to be a great plant as it grows over the coming years.

The oldest magnolia we have, Stellarta , has been flowering for a couple of weeks now, looking glorious and full.

Magnolia Susan is also full of beautiful pink blooms. It growing well and filling the space.

A closer look at the Susan blooms.

Magnolia Black Tulip is full of beautiful blooms still with more flowering. We have last autumn cut back some of the shrubs surrounding this tree and propped the main trunk up , hoping that this will help make the tree grow more upright instead of out trying to find more light.

We also have a yellow magnolia that flowers slightly later, so that's still to come plus late last year we planted an evergreen magnolia which will take a while to flower.

Although the flowering season only last for a short time, they are well worth waiting for.

Wednesday 23 March 2022



Our beautiful Magnolia , Black Tulip is flowering with lots of beautiful big blooms.

The blooms are such a lovely colour when the sun hits them.

This magnolia is getting nice and big now and seems to like where it is, which is good and we hope it will continue to grow big and strong.

Just hoping it won't get hit by a frost any time soon, so the rest of the buds can also flower.

Sunday 20 March 2022



The new border that was planted up after the fence was replaced at the back of the garden is doing really well. The Magnolia planted on the left of the pot is full of buds, so hopefully in a week or so we will have some lovely colour there.

The Magnolia looks to have a nice lot of buds.

The Camellia is flowering in the new back bed.

over on the other side of the garden this lovely deep pink camellia is also starting to flower.

Someone is enjoying the sun in the folly glade.

Plenty of Hellebores in the shady part of the garden.

The wooden edging that's was holding back the earth in the raised bed is starting to rot and fall away, so this is something we will need to decide how to repair or replace this year.

The Black Tulip Magnolia is already opening it's buds at the top of the tree.

Loads of beautiful buds, just hope that they don't get hit by a frost and damaged. We opened up the area's around where it stands, cutting back some big over grown plants last year and I believe this has helped it get taller and produce more buds.

The Magnolia Stellata by the studio is it's usual abundant self.

Another area that needs a re design this year along with some feeding for the magnolia.

The Magnolia Susan near the Gazebo is also coming into flower.

So the garden is waking up and we will soon have some lovely splashes of colour filling the place.