Sunday, 11 October 2015


Well we had hoped to lay some proper foundations and build some solid permanent walls for the Gazebo but time as usual got away from us, so it did not happen.

However we needed to make the Gazebo weather tight, so that we could store not only some of the garden furniture in there but also some plants.

To that end we ordered some wood etc to be delivered and Paul as spent the day getting some temporary walls up ready for when the cold weather arrives.

Here you can see where Paul's removed the trellis at the front and also where he's started to wall the right hand side.

Whenever we have tried using tarpaulin tp protect this side the winter winds and storms have always torn it and we've had to make repairs to last the winter.

The view from the outside.

This side is now finished with some thermal plastic sheeting to allow light into the area.

The left hand side, behind all the things inside, has had heavy duty plastic sheeting added, this side is fairly well protected by the carport and the pergola between the carport and the gazebo.
But Paul's put two clear thermal sheets fitted to the front to allow plenty of light in to the plants that will be over wintering inside this year.

Inside It was already feeling warmer .

The front corner.

So Paul just needs to make the door and then fill in the left hand side at the front, then it will all be snug for the coming winter and all the extra plants that have now got to many to fit inside the greenhouse can shelter here.