Sunday 19 September 2021


 At last all the fencing panels are in place and that part of the work is now finished !

So we have gone from this ... to..

This !

towards back gate and greenhouse

From greenhouse back towards compost bins and workshop. The fencing appears higher because we live on a hill and our neighbours ground level is level with the new fencing. We have a raised bed which you can see in front of it. Before , our neighbours hedge would grow across most of the bed and we just had it full of Epimedium , a pretty spring ground cover plant, in order that when we had time we could cut it back. 

Now we will be digging in some of our homemade compost and planting this bed up with flowering shrubs , like Hydrangea's while leaving some paving slabs place between for some plant pots of summer colour.

We also want to move the compost bins back and slightly more towards the workshop, which will free up more space at that end.

So Paul's cut back and removed 100 foot of branches and replaced it with 100 ft of fence panels and posts and now we won't have to keep cutting back someone else hedge as we get older. Luckily we are very good friends with these neighbours and they have asked Paul to use his chainsaw to reduce the hedge on their side by two foot or more , which means we will be even more light into that part of the garden.

We even have some plants just waiting for a spot in the garden, some friends recently came to lunch and gave us a lovely white Hydrangea called Lime Light plus we have one we put in a pot because it was not happy in the space it was in.

Lime Light is in the green trug with the other beside in the grey pot.

Also this beautiful dark leafed on which has purple flowers be bought back in June when buying one for our youngest daughter, so it can also go into the new bed.

Along with this pink one that's been in a pot for a few years. So we won't need to spend much to get the new shrub bed up and running.

So now is the time to get these plants in so they will have the coming winter to get those roots nice and strong for next year.

Saturday 18 September 2021


 Yes we are still fencing..

The fence panels in the sun

We are now past the compost bins and heading towards the finish line!

Only two and probably one half fence panels to go, the mass of green at the top of the photo on the right is covering a fence panel we put in years ago, so that's our stopping point. The last long length of brown in the above photo is the post.

So the fencing is nearly done! But of course that means the next part needs to be done, which is  emptying and moving the three compost bins back to the fencing, reducing the width of the raised bed that's now in front of the fencing and planting it up.

Then filling in the extra space made by shortening the raised bed , giving us a wider path to the back gate and greenhouse.

That's what happens when you decide to put in a fence!

Tuesday 14 September 2021


 Well we have so much in the way of  trees , hedges and shrubs to cut back or remove ,that after spending several hours cutting things up small enough to fit as much as possible into the recycling garden waste bin, which is only emptied every fortnight, we have bought ourselves a new shredder !

We had one many years back and only dumped it last year. But shredders have moved on in the last ten plus years and so having a new one means it's more powerful and better equipped.

It arrived late on Monday, so once it was removed from the box and put together , there was just enough time before it got to dark to give it a try.

We had some branches we'd cut off a shrub at the weekend, this is some of it, so we put it through the new shedder along with some other pieces not shown.

and this is the result.  By doing this with our garden waste, we will be able to use the wood cutting for a garden mulch, cut things before putting into compost bins which will help them all rot down quicker and enable us to get much more into our garden waste recycling bins.

The new shredder has a more powerful engine, a paddle to help push twigs that stop and need pushing in towards the blades and a nice sturdy bin to catch the shredding , enabling ease of use.

Even having only done this small amount ,we can see just want a time saver and how useful the cuttings will be.

Friday 10 September 2021


 Well we gave up on waiting for concrete fence posts to become available, they are out of stock everywhere.

So we had wooden posts with metal met spikes delivered along with more fence panels and scaffold boards delivered.

Now the fence is up behind the workshop,

So you can just make out the post on the left from which we need to carry on our fencing.

Paul's started cutting back the hedge, we have permission from our neighbour to clear this side of the hedge.

and we still have this to clear almost up to the gate you can see in the distance behind the dogs.

Six possibly seven more to go ! But the area will looks so much tidier and bigger once the fence is up and finished.