Sunday 11 July 2021


Well since we have been  having typical english weather of sunshine and showers everything is growing wildly ! Places where we cut back in enable us to pass by and now once again filling out and the need to push through as returned.

This area in the formal box garden had been getting very overgrown in the last year. Now the Mannington Mauve Rose had finished blooming, we went in and cut it well back.

After it's cut back. We are considering some sort of  roof / over area for the bench to help stop the plants from obstructing the height. So a job for later in the year or maybe next month ?

The raised Jungle area at the end of the garden is well.. A Jungle ! everything is growing twice the size as normal.

The Banana is nice and big.

The path round to the stone circle in the corner of the back fence is once again overgrown with plants having bushed out over the path on both sides. The raised bed sides are also failing and will need replacing over the autumn winter months.

This yellow Hypericum is taking over this bed and springing up all over the place.

The path to the lych gate is being to close up and will need again to be trimmed back .

This Clematis by the folly is flowering well, now that it's been given some support.

It's working it's way up the side of the folly window.

inside the folly is full of plants covering the ground.

The Princess Diana Clementis is flowering along the side wall.

The ferns and shade loving plants are filing the space.

The Stags Horn fern which we over wintered in the bathroom is looking lovely in the old tree stump.

The path in the formal box garden which was overgrown by the planting along the trellis and brambles growing in the gravel , has now been cleared and we just need to replace/strengthen the sides beneath the trellis to support the gravel, then Psul will plant his two figs along the trellis and we will keep the path clear.

At this end is a cream Jasmine which is doing very well so we will keep this and maybe support it higher up to allow walking beneath.

The flower garden beds are over flowing with greenery which will mean some lovely colour later in the month.

This bed is nice and colourful.

This bed were the new fencing was put in , is doing very well with all the plants coming out.

this bed is being over run by one of the plants , which will need to be thinned out in the autumn or next spring.

a close up of some of the plants.



Day Lily

One of the clementis in the formal box garden.

The gate into and out of the flower gate is almost smothered in white Jasmine and roses.

looking into the flower garden, I don't like to cut anything back unless it gets too low. I like it to be left natural.

The posts and hanging baskets by the studio are looking well.

Another white Jasmine filling the air with it's sweet scent.

one of the hanging baskets.

One of the little rockery plants.

Some plants on the patio.

Well that's todays walk round the garden , I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Friday 9 July 2021


  I love that Foxgloves will self seed , it's just a shame these are in the middle of the rockery!!

But they will have to stay while they are looking so nice !