Friday 2 September 2016


What a difference a few months can make !

From this taken on the 17th July to.......................

This today 2nd September.



Nice crop of cider apples .

We've also gone from this... on 17th July ....

to this !! Our next door neighbour asked the Parish council to clear the copse of birch/beech trees at the end of his garden and they did! It's opened up the space to the light but probably taken away that nice micro climate we had of it being always much cooler on a hot day down in our little stone circle!

A shame he had them removed but an opportunity for us to do something in this area and it will bring in more light.

I should have taken a photo of this giant Canna when the flowers were at their peek but you can still see the vibrant colour.

Also back on the 17th July the alpine bed looked like this and now.....

today the plants are thriving and filling the space.


The poor garden's been taking a back seat while we spend our time on the house , with only a little attention , re watering and the odd grass cutting but it's still looking lovely and a delight to sit in when we find the time.