Sunday 25 March 2018


Well it's now the 25th of March and the weather's not warmed up at all! Yes the sun's shone but it's almost always been along with a cold and at times bitter wind to chill the bones.

So it's been hard to get on with any of the many garden jobs that really need doing. We did managed to get up a few of the new fence panels.

We removed three of the four that need replacing one weekend and then replaced them the next.

Much nicer  now the new fencing's up and using the concrete posts and gravel boards means will only need to replace any old or broken panels in the future and not the posts which are the hardest part to replace.

Of course we now have a massive pile of wood and branches that need to be taken off to the recycling plant along with the old fence panels.

The log Cabin's arrived and is covering most of the access to the front door but hopefully we'll be unpacking it in the week and moving it under the carport.

So today we have spent clearing out the gazebo and finding places to store everything while we sort it all out and then Paul started taking down the walling we put up to enable us to use it for overwintering plants a few years back and store things more recently.

So still a lot to take down and that will mean a lot of wood to get rid of ! But next weekend is a long Easter bank holiday one, so hopefully , if we don't get the cold with possible snow attached, we'll be able to finish clearing the site and see how much of a base we need to add.

I am beginning to wonder if we've bitten off more than we can chew, if we are to also open the garden for the Village church in June but only time and bad weather will tell !


Friday 2 March 2018


Well it may be the 2nd March but winter decided not to let go of it's grip of the country and instead turned down the temperature and has spent this week covering the whole of the UK in snow and ice!

Even this morning there was a light coating of snow however it was forecast for more snow to fall this afternoon and it did!.

It started snowing around 2 pm.

and a few hours later there was another inch of snow covering the garden.

I decided to brave the falling snow and get outside to take a few photo sof the garden.

We were hoping to start replacing this fencing this weekend, so that's not happening!

The flower garden

The box garden from the cloisters

Box and snow a nice combination



the folly





The Jungle under snow!


looking under the lych gate

Even Billy Bob has been snowed on due to the wind.

 another view of the box garden


even the gargoyles are feeling the chill!

St Joan waits out the storm!

At the front the snow is undisturbed because no one's going anywhere soon!

we'll end with another shot of poor St Joan waiting patiently for Spring to arrive.. along with the rest of us!