Sunday, 28 March 2021


 But we are still not getting out inot the garden for more than a very short time due to other commitments but with nature it is doing it's own thing and starting to grow including the weeds!

Last years pots of tulips are coming into bloom.

Multi bulbs in this pot.

The Magnolia Stellata is starting to flower.

along with this Camillia

We are going to relace these fence panels in our flower garden, with concrete posts and drop in panels, behind is the gazebo Paul's built for our neighbour , he is higher up the hill than us, so his gazebo looks high from our garden, but once the new panels are in, we will barely notice his gazebo.

We have had to wait for the lockdown to ease , so that our son in law can come and help us put the heavy post in. Unlike some we have obeyed the lockdown but now we can have visitors in the garden, we can get the help in.

Some Prinroses with a side order of nettles !

Some alpine bulbs in this trough.

Pots of tulips in the formal garden

the other end.

The little fern in the tree stump.

Miniature Japanese Cherry tree by the Lychgate.

The jungle area is well looking like a jungle !

Another Camillia getting ready to burst into flower

The bright lime green of the Euphorbia flowers.

Bergenia in flower at the end of the garden.

Beautiful pink flowers.

Flowers on the evergreen Clematis.