Sunday, 16 October 2022


 Due to the fact we have been having quite a few deliveries of garden items. We landed up with several wooden pallets. Our next-door neighbour wanted a couple, but we were left with one nice stolid one.

Since it had been sitting on the front drive for a few months, we decided it was time to bring it around to the back garden and use it to make a bug hotel.

First, we cleared a space near to the back gate and started screwing it to the fence and adding some old tiles we had for a roof.

But then we decided that it wasn't in the right place, so cleared a space up near to the compost bins and beside the gate that leads to the compost bins and side of the folly.

Here it's sheltered by some bamboo on one side and the trellis behind. Paul added shelves and partitions ready for filling with things that bugs like. We will be also filling the space below the pallet with old bricks and wood which bugs etc also like to live in.

These roof tiles have been sitting around the garden since we moved in nearly 18 years ago, it's nice to finally have a use for some of them.

Paul used some of the cut ends from when he put the new fence posts in and also a couple of the ends from the sleepers used for the pond. Holes drilled into them, then stacked in place.

We have now added some bricks at the bottom and also in beside some cardboard tubing filled with cut bamboo canes. A section filled with straw and another of broken pots. at the bottom below the pallet is also a pile of old wood that is already home to a couple of spiders!

We just need to fill that last gap above the crocks, add some stuff between the gaps and it's complete.

The pile of apple tree branches in the folly fireplace will also be another place for bugs etc to live.

Sunday, 2 October 2022


 There are always places that over time, a plant or two out grows the space they are in. Sometimes it's just a case of trimming or cutting back etc but sometimes, it's time to take them out. 

Such is the case with a lovely white climbing rose we put in along the side fence at the end of the garden, we have cut it back a couple of times but now it's just too big and hanging more over next doors garden than our own.

This is just half of the rose stem, really thick, we already cut back the other half but now it needs to come out.

You can see the rose stem going through the winter honeysuckle bush (also coming out) and through the middle of the Lilac tree, that it's made spread and then filling the skyline.

Now it's gone it's opened up the space for the lilac tree which is nice. We still need to dig up the roots but at least the lilacs have a chance to get some warmth and light before winter sets in.

Looking back to the now open space. We are going to keep this section open and plant only low growing plants in the space or maybe just add a large pot or two. Still to be decided.

There is still some nice colour in the garden.