Sunday, 26 June 2022


 I have been away for the week but while I was gone, Paul laid the concrete base for the pond.


So now new weed suppressant going down with new and old gravel on top.

This, the back one, is the bag of gravel we have to move from front drive through carport and about 100 foot down to the new area. We have already moved about a quarter of the bag at this point.

Slowly getting one side done.

So nearly done one side. You can see how the garden falls away on one side due to being on a hill.

You can see how through the lychgate it looks like almost forest. Ignoring the pots and bricks for the pond stored in the lychgate.

I think it appears like you would be stepping into another world at this point, so that's giving us an idea for what we will put either side of this opening.

Alas we have run out of gravel, so will need to have more delivered before we can continue with this side.

Seating end

The lychgate end

So at least we get to stop now for the day. We'll order another bag but Paul can now start on building the pond in the centre.

Sunday, 19 June 2022


 Whenever a part of the garden gets changed, it has a knock-on effect on other parts of the garden. Also you notice other little jobs that needed doing, so they get started too.

We visited the garden centre in the week to look at very large pots for the area we are redesigning, they were way too expensive for the really big ones! However naturally we came home with some perennials for the garden!

At least they are perennials so will last for a good few years.

Some of the new plants when into these two contains to go either side of the standard rose we moved.

Which I have noticed from this photo is leaning , so needs a better stake!

The frame for the new pond base is in and waiting for the sand and cement etc to be delivered in the week. We ordered more gravel/pea shingle at the same time, so we have it for once the ponds built and the area can be re-covered.

I have been finding the edge of the border along this back section and placed some heavy blocked to help keep the earth back. I have added a couple of low spreading Geraniums to this section.

Because the area where the rockery is, is going to be moved back, the bust of Joan of Arc was getting hidden by the shrubs behind. So, for now she's been placed on one of the side tables in the gazebo.

She doesn't look too pleased about the move but for now that's where she'll stay.

It's nice to actually see her.

The new back border is filling out nicely and the roses are flowering.

So little by little things are getting done and the 'new' area is moving forward.

Tuesday, 14 June 2022


 So, it's done! My beautiful standard rose has been moved to a new place in the garden.

It is nice to see the space clear but I'm hoping the rose survives.

It's now down near the house and my studio, so will be seen much more should the rose make it.

Of course, not being the time to move a rose, we had to cut off all the flowers to add with it's recovery but that has meant we now have not..

one, not..

Two but..

Three! Vases of roses and rose buds. Shows just what a great multi flowering rose Molineux is.

Now the temperature is heading into the mid twenties, so too hot to work during the day, so we will continue once it cools down in the late afternoon early evening.

Monday, 13 June 2022


 The roses are blooming beautifully.

 The Generous Gardener rose with a rambler behind.

a closer look

Rambler by the cloisters.

closer view

Mannington Mauve Rambling rose.

Closer view

Shropshire Lad Rose

Closer look

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

 Queen Margarita rose

A rose by the folly.

The Mannington Mauve rambler from the other side.

spme other flowers below





Sunday, 12 June 2022



All the box cut and most of it cleared out but still roots to dig up and general tidy to see the space.

For the moment we will leave the box hedge at the side of the entrance.

Of course not being ones to start one project when we can add another to the mix, we also cut back the hedge by the folly!

and removed the trellis that was forming a roof to help with shading.

Before way to lychgate.

Now! We have cut back the tops of the hedge on the right because we intend to make another wall to the folly along here with a window. We have also cut back the two yew trees that stood each side of the lychgate entrance, they had grown so big and made the opening very small and quite dark.

A window will be around this area allowing you to see in as you pass by. But still keeping the area shaded.

Paul dug most of the roots up this morning.


Up on the right of the photo you can see a head of David on a column, he's been there for years. We also have a statue of Venus who resides in the house garden and I have often wondered about moving her to stand on the left of the lychgate entrance.

So here she is standing on the left.

Seen from the seat in the cloisters. I thought she looks good there. However along comes daughter number two, who says that they are both looking to the left over into next doors garden, which then draws your eyes left! I have to say in all the years David's been spying on the neighbours it's never made me join in!

She suggests they go up the other end beside the seating. I resist for a while then decided to move Venus since she is not as heavy as David and see how she looks.

Of course, she looks good! She looks good in most places!

David however is somewhat hidden by the rose arbour but he can be seen when sitting or crossing the space. 


From the cloisters. 

Alas I will have to move the standard David Austin rose, Molineux, which has stood in the centre for the last fifteen years. But the fountain/pond needs to go in the centre, so the rose must be moved.

I am trying to find just the right spot and will have to hope it recovers from being moved the wrong time of year.

So still some roots to be moved, a home to be found for the rose and then measurements can be taken and sites decided on, then it's time for the next stage!