Sunday, 9 April 2017


I forgot to publish this post that I wrote in March , so it's slightly out of sequence !

Sometimes you have to make changes not because you want to but because things happen so you have to.

The posts that held this boarding on the raised bed have rotted and so we need to decide how and what we will use to repair or replace this with.

Even the small wooden edging is giving up! It's been in about 8 years, so as done quite well but another slightly easier job.

Now this was our enclosed sheltered back corner of the garden that was always a few degrees cooler on a hot summers day but last year our neighbour to the left asked the local parish council to remove the trees that backed onto his garden! however those trees were the ones giving us a nice sheltered spot!

Now this corner is open and in the summer, sun will stream through ( the photo was taken on Sunday and that was the colour of the sky at 5 pm )in the normal scheme of things who'd not want the sun?

However we have lots of lovely hot sun and the plants to the left hand side of this photo are plants that enjoy some dappled shade ! Now they will be getting afternoon sun burning down on them!

I suggested getting some laural's like these to fill the gap but Paul said they'd make the area too dark in the winter months, so we will get a tree and put it into the corner , so we'll have summer shade and winter sun.
These Laural's need cutting back, they've grown too big over the winter and this area is one we have some long standing plans for.



A great warm sunny weekend here in the UK , so out into the garden to get lots of jobs done.

Decisions being made about where plants that have over wintered under cover will now go or if it's time yet to get them out , in case a sharp frost decides to make a sudden arrival!

There's nothing like having to rush round the garden in the dark throwing fleece over plants in the hope it will protect them from a late frost!.

We've re potted and moved one of the Aoenium's outside against the wall at the front of the house, it should get the sun from early morning until around 11 am when the sun disappears around the side towards the back of the house.

We have also put this large Yucca , that over wintered in the greenhouse, outside and into the front Garden again it will ahve sun for most of the morning and part of the afternoon.

This has a great shape and should do well here at the front in this large terracotta pot.

The Malus is in good flower this year with lots of lovely deep red blossom.

a closer look.

This tulip is flowering in the centre front bed.

Lots of Dog Toothed Violets are flowering under the front window.

The Red Robin is glowing at the front wall of the garden by the road.

Some nice Bergenia flowering in centre front bed.

The Magnolia's are having a good start to the year , this is Magnolia Susan and one flower is open with more to follow.

 another bud about to open.

The magnolia, Black tulip is having it's best show ever with lots of lovely flowers staring to bloom.

the flowers are opening to this beautiful round cup shape.

 such a gorgeous colour and shape.

There are three large buds on the Tree peony and it's well staked so I have great hopes to see three lovely large blooms later in the year.

The rockery is looking good after the winter with lots of nice healthy green plants, we have even had to trim some back to stop them covering others.

already some flowers are out.

another view of the small area.

a closer view.

At least 15 year old Milo gets to make the most of the sunny weather!