Monday, 14 June 2021


 The roses are starting to bloom , a little later this year but coming into their own now.

The Mannington Mauve rambler is looking pretty.

Molineux a standard rose

as above

Tess of the D'ubervilles

Geofrey Hamilton

A Shropshire lad above and below

Gertrude Jekyll

Mortimer Sackler


Darcey Bussell

The Ramberling Rector

From the cloisters towards the formal box garden.

Next are from the front garden

The Fighting Temeraire

Lark Ascending

Could be Tea Clipper, not sure.

Lady Emma Hamilton

Alan Titchmarsh

Sunday, 13 June 2021



The end path from the circle.

Rhododendron in red and white with some pink up the back.


and a nice yellow one.

looking back towards the circle.

The carnivorous plants.

Path to lychgate

The two headed horse that needs to be put back on lychgate.

We have now put the owl piece of stained glass in the apex of one side of the lychgate.

Flower garden.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021




The flower beds in the flower garden are starting to fill up and also have some colour.

But there is still plenty of wedding to do! of course !

We have made a small change in the Lychgate !

I needed somewhere that had both some sun and shade to put my Auriculas, my daughter came up with the suggestion of the rails in the Lychgate. So I had a thinking about it and realised that they could go on the righthand side because they would still bet some dappled sun and apart from the apple tree and some ferns there is not really much to see on that side unlike the left which give you a view into the shade garden.

So Paul found a piece of the decking we have used for shelving and recut it to make a second shelf on this side. Gave it a coat of the same brown as the lychgate and now I have an Auricula theatre to store the Auriculas for display and through the summer until they need to be sheltered for the winter.

The view on the left of the Lychgate.

We have been adding some more ferns and hosta's to this area and it's filling up nicely.

Looking back inot the formal box garden , you can see that it still needs it Chelsea chop! So another job to do in the next week .

One of the Clementis we put into the four centre pots in each bay is already flowering well with two of the others also having some nice buds on. One is a later flowering plant, so that is growing well but not yet ready to flower.

The Dicksonia's are doing well one more so than the other but hopefully it will catch up .

The little Iris in this planter is flowering too.

And these two planters of succulants are growing and flowering.

Sunday, 6 June 2021


 We had just one more area to do in order to finsh the build, the area below the transcome window in the side wall.

The brown area shown above. I did think of maybe having some sort of signage made for the space and then It came to me.

Vintage tiles ! I already had this one which I planned on using in my house.

I love this tile and really wanted to use it indoors but it goes so well with the shapes and colours of the stained glass windows that in the end I had to accept it was meant to be here instead.

So then I had the fun of finding some more to compliment the window colours and each other. So Paul made a hard wooden frame for them to go in , which can be removed and the tiles replaced or changed if needed.

So now the walls are complete.

So it all just needs a coat of preservative on the new wood and now we can relax and enjoy the space. Especially now the weather is lovely and warm and sunny.