Sunday 6 June 2021


 We had just one more area to do in order to finsh the build, the area below the transcome window in the side wall.

The brown area shown above. I did think of maybe having some sort of signage made for the space and then It came to me.

Vintage tiles ! I already had this one which I planned on using in my house.

I love this tile and really wanted to use it indoors but it goes so well with the shapes and colours of the stained glass windows that in the end I had to accept it was meant to be here instead.

So then I had the fun of finding some more to compliment the window colours and each other. So Paul made a hard wooden frame for them to go in , which can be removed and the tiles replaced or changed if needed.

So now the walls are complete.

So it all just needs a coat of preservative on the new wood and now we can relax and enjoy the space. Especially now the weather is lovely and warm and sunny. 


  1. You have completed a wonderful gazebo.
    I love the stained glass and the tiles match so well.
    It's so nice to sit on a cozy sofa in the garden in early summer.

    1. Thank you. It is indeed nice to sit comfortably in the summer and enjoy the fresh air and garden