Sunday 31 May 2020


With all the lovely sunny weather we have been having we've spent a lot of time outside in the garden working or just sitting enjoying the day and planning the garden.

Saturday we did a lot of repotting of plants into bigger pots or plantng up new plants, So the Patio is starting to fill with lots of colour.
Paul also put some of our wall palnt holders up and we planted them up too.

On Sunday Paul cleared and weeded , cut back some climbers and a branch on the field maple up in the shady garden. The earth ahd got really dry, it had not been maintained for a yaer of so, so Paul put in lots of manture and garden compost, then planted in some ferns we had moved and some of the bigger Hosta's we had in pots.

The large fern and a couple of hosta's.

It's allowed a little bit of dappled sun to enter mainly round the statue, Paul also put in a small bark path that will allow us to get in to weed without trying to step between the planting.

The reed panel was repaired.

Looking from the other side.

Through the doorway.

Some wild Foxgloves have taken root which is great as it gives the folly the feeling it's old and unused.

 looking back towards the Lych gate.

Through the window.

Inside the walls of the folly, overgrown and foxgloves giving the colour. We will at some stage put in a small floor area but allow the foxgloves and other planting to again fill the space.


Thursday 28 May 2020


 The rambling rose, Mannington Mauve is taking over where the Wisteria is now starting to fade.

 Full of flowers due to the amount of sun we have been having this May.

This pink Clematis montana is also in full flower at the other end of the formal box garden.

 a small sized verbasum flowering in the flower garden.

 The Rose Geoff Hamilton is looking beautiful.

 It is a David Austin rose.

 lots of pink it would appear at the moment.


Sunday 24 May 2020


 So today Sunday, Paul was back out again to put on the roofing felt.

 His trusty assisants did what they do best, sat around watching! The roof has a four inch drop on it to take the rain off onto the garden , although we may fit guttering and a waterbutt on that side.

 We still get plenty of sun into the gazebo.

 Teaching his assistants all about pointing the paving, that lad at the backs not paying attention! I think he's asleep!

Just a little more to do, then we can bring in the furniture...

 The sofa

 The table

Of course we had to re arrange most of the pot plants, the acer is now on the left hand side in this photo to help it be protected from the early morning sun scorching the leaves.

Unfortunately the other round table got broken when the wind on Saturday, knocked it down onto the stacked wood, it can hopefully be repaired and then will balance out the sofa once again.

 from the left hand side.

The other side of the patio near the house is now open and clear.

 looking from the table to the sofa.

 The sofa to the table.

 from the house to the gazebo.

Well it's taken one man three days to put this kit up, it would have been done in two if he'd had someone to help who was capable of wielding a hammer and had a second large ladder. He had to tweak a few things as the instructions they'd sent were obviously before they made a few changes to the kit but he sorted them out.
Our one worry about buying the bigger gazebo was that it would look oppressive so close to the house and be too dark. Well we need not have worried as it's full of light and so open.It's far enough away from the back of the house that the sun still streams in.

It will be lovely not to have to rush out if a shower of rain arrives and the seat cushions are out, be able to sit outside and be sheltered from the hot sun. I can see us now spending so much more time outside now we have this shelter.


Saturday 23 May 2020


 Starting the roofing...

One man and one ladder tall enough to reach.

 nearly half way !

 Getting closer !

   Already someone's enjoying the shade!!

 Just that last piece of boarding to go on, then he will stop till tomorrow.

 So weather permitting it should be finished tomorrow and since today there were almost gale force winds and the odd down pour , Paul did a great job.


Friday 22 May 2020


 Laying out the pieces !

 The posts are up and screwing in the crossbeams. Casper's already enjoying the shade!

 Making it all secure.

 Using the power tools.


Rafters going on.

 It's coming together nicely.

to be continued...


Thursday 21 May 2020


The project as arrived!


Wednesday 20 May 2020


When we decided to move our Irises into their own bed and make it round the circle of the Sundial in the flower garden, we never dreamed it would work so well.

 It's definately come into it's own this year. Putting on a great display of flowers.
But having two boisterous large dogs can lead to the odd accident as they love playing rough and tumble with each other in this part of the garden, even though we keep the gate shut and they are only allowed in with us.

 So after a couple of accidents were they knock off a couple of stems of buds we came up with this solution while we need to be going back and forth.

 We've used the dogs old puppy playpens to encircle the Irises and keep happy dogs tails away from flower stems.
There is even a gate to get in and out of the circle without needing to dismantle it.

So the Irises are happily flowering away safely.

 a gorgeous deep yellow

Bright yellow and brown.

 purple with a white centre.

Lilac and white.

We intend to widen the iris bed by another foot or so and have ordered some other coloured Irises which flower at different tmes to keep a longer period of flowering and interest.