Sunday, 31 May 2020


With all the lovely sunny weather we have been having we've spent a lot of time outside in the garden working or just sitting enjoying the day and planning the garden.

Saturday we did a lot of repotting of plants into bigger pots or plantng up new plants, So the Patio is starting to fill with lots of colour.
Paul also put some of our wall palnt holders up and we planted them up too.

On Sunday Paul cleared and weeded , cut back some climbers and a branch on the field maple up in the shady garden. The earth ahd got really dry, it had not been maintained for a yaer of so, so Paul put in lots of manture and garden compost, then planted in some ferns we had moved and some of the bigger Hosta's we had in pots.

The large fern and a couple of hosta's.

It's allowed a little bit of dappled sun to enter mainly round the statue, Paul also put in a small bark path that will allow us to get in to weed without trying to step between the planting.

The reed panel was repaired.

Looking from the other side.

Through the doorway.

Some wild Foxgloves have taken root which is great as it gives the folly the feeling it's old and unused.

 looking back towards the Lych gate.

Through the window.

Inside the walls of the folly, overgrown and foxgloves giving the colour. We will at some stage put in a small floor area but allow the foxgloves and other planting to again fill the space.



  1. Dee, your garden is a dream!!! Love it all. So much imagination (not to mention hours and hours of work) and the result is stunning! Love it. xxx Karin

    1. Thank you . It is a constant work in progress ! Mybe one day we will stop changing it .. but then maybe not ! :) xx

  2. I really love your garden Dee, it's a delight on the eyes.