Sunday 15 October 2017


Well Paul's continued to work on the folly , although not every weekend due to other commitments.

Paul started on the front wall, this photo shows it being protected from the rain while the cement dries out.

Finally Paul got to do some more today. The next piece of the arch door column's been added along with the bottom section of the tracery window plus a Quion with a shield carved on it.

A closer look at the shield stone.

The window has another piece of stone that fits in the centre before the top part gets fitted.

The column left to set before the wall between it and the window can be built.

View from column back towards corner. Hopefully if the weather stays dry, he'll be able to , with a little helpful muscle, get the top part of the Tracery window in place! exciting times !!

There are still some some splashes of colour round the garden and also lots to do to get everything ready for the winter! Which is another reason the folly may once again have to be left while the usual winter preparations are done.

This Lady Emma Hamilton Rose by David Austin is still flowering well in the front garden.

as is this fuchsia.

lots of flowers still.

The flowers on this Mahonia will soon be glowing a vibrant yellow!

I will post again in a week or so , as we start to get the garden ready for the winter, the folly completed and prepare for a new patio to be laid. The next couple of months are going to be a busy time in our garden.