Sunday 5 March 2023


 Well it is for us at least and they are saying we will get more cold weather this week! 2023 and it's a cold start to the year.

We will have lost a few plants by the time we finally start to get some warmer weather. This Plant whose name escapes me, we used to keep in a pot and shelter over winter but then put in the ground a good few years back and it's been fine but I think it's not going to recover from this winters sever minus temperatures.

There are a few others that will also probably not recover but you have to look at it as an opportunity to maybe replant that space or area. The plant above was really a little too far forward in this border, so we will plant something further back if it's a lost cause.

But nit until we finally start to get some warmer weather! We have so much to do in the garden, that the sooner it warms up the better!