Sunday 24 August 2014


The Dahlia pots are looking nice and bright but next year I think we will go for the smaller size but with four different colours.

This branch of the Crown Princess Margareta is looking gorgeous and full.

Saturday 16 August 2014


Today we had to cut back a hedge that runs along the left hand side of our garden that's about 70 ft long! and it's not even our Hedge!!

It belongs to our neighbour who is a very good neighbour and when we first moved in, he paid for the hedge to be cut on our side when his side was done.
But as we redesigned the garden and put our plants in the way of getting easily to the hedge , the gardener who came to cut it would land up destroying or damaging our plants! So we told our neighbour we would cut the hedge!!

Which seven years ago was not such hard work but now it is ! Not only are we cutting this hedge we then have to go to the recycling which all the cutting.

This is the first part of the hedge still needing cutting, it runs behind our workshop which is 18 ft long, so Paul lands up cutting the top of hedge while sitting on the roof!
Due to one thing and another this part of the hedge did not get cut back last year, so there is even more to cut back.

The other end of the workshop with the hedge waiting to be cut.

Here is the far end of the hedge that's now been cut along the side but still needs the top doing , which requires the use of a ladder.

Just some of the cuttings that will need to be taken to the recycling centre.

A slightly wonky view of the cut hedge from the workshop to the back gate, still lots of cuttings to clear away.

These are some of the brambles that grow through the hedge and then snag on us and also re root themselves in our flowers!! Because they come from the middle of the hedge they are hard to get rid of completely.

At last the hedge is finished, one trip to the recycling done but another needed! We are now planning to cut the hedge back and put in a fence up against it, so that it will reduce the amount of cutting we will need to do to maintain it on our side. Hopefully this will help with the brambles also.It will have to be done a few panels at a time due to the amount of work and the cost involved.

Also on that side of the garden our neighbour as a mock orange shrub!! More like a row of trees! Again every couple of years we have to cut it back because it started to bury our gazebo roof! You can see Paul looking into find the edge of our roof line!

He's going in!! Will he be able to find his way back? I do hope so!!

Well Paul managed to find the edge of the roof but of course now we have loads more cuttings to take to the recycling.
It is still too high and stops light getting into the kitchen windows in the early morning, so we will talk to neighbours about cutting back more of the height.They are lovely neighbours but not gardeners, so things do tend to get left to grow as they will .

So at least two more trips to the recycling centre with 'not' our rubbish but at least it's been done and apart from cutting yet more off the mock orange once we have spoken to neighbour , the job at this moment is finished.


Sunday 10 August 2014


It's been a little while since I last posted but life's been very busy with work and one thing and another, so I thought I'd best stop by and add some things that have been happening in the garden.

This gorgeous big blue Agapantus is flowering in the flower garden.

A closer look at the detail of this wonderful flower.

all the dahlia's are now flowering in the box garden, they look lovely and bright, I think next year we will get both sides to have matching height Dahlia's which we were unable to do this year to deciding to make this change quite late in the Dah..lia!!

I noticed that Paul's been using this metal bench , leaving pots on it .

It made me think that it might be worth trying to get hold of a table to place here for displaying some plants that are being grown on. Paul said maybe one of those tiered stands but I think a table would be nice as I have another place a tiered stand could go.

The red Abutilon is looking good.

If anyone knows what this lovely yellow plant is we would love to know, It comes form a seed pod we picked up when walking round a famous garden, so have no idea what it is!!

Paul bought a green banana plant which grows tall and can tolerate being left outside in the ground over winter with some straw and some fleece to help it survive.

Another of the Agapantus  this one closer to the house.