Tuesday, 19 April 2022


 So now it's warming up and things are needing doing around the garden. We are starting those jobs and en joying the flowers that are starting to appear and also bloom.

The Hosta's are starting to shoot.

Paul repotted and split some last month.

The pots of tulips in the formal box garden are in flower.

lovely bright splashes of colour.

Auricula's are all back out sitting under the side of the lychgate.

One is about to flower while others have tiny buds starting to grow.

This small phlox we have had for years in this large pot, and it never disappoints.

 Our oldest Wisteria is starting to bud, so hopefully if we don't have any late frosts, we'll get a nice display of flowers in May.

This Magnolia called Susan which we bought for just a few pounds at the end of the season a good few years back now, when the garden centres don't want to over winter plants, so they sell them off very cheaply, is growing into a lovely tree full of wonderful flowers.

Sunday, 17 April 2022


 Now it's mid-April we have started to remove the pots from the winter shelter, some have needed a top up of soil and others a good watering.

 The lemon tree is out and the pots of tulips which have been out for a few months are starting to flower with quite a few still to open.

These tulips are a recent addition.

The aeoniums are all together on the table at present but need to be placed around the garden so the geraniums can go on the table with some other plants.

Lots of pots still need to be placed.

But the gazebo was cleared earlier in the week, so it's been in use in this lovely warm Easter weather.

So still, lots to do organising the patio and elsewhere in the garden, the jobs begin.