Sunday, 11 October 2015


Well we had hoped to lay some proper foundations and build some solid permanent walls for the Gazebo but time as usual got away from us, so it did not happen.

However we needed to make the Gazebo weather tight, so that we could store not only some of the garden furniture in there but also some plants.

To that end we ordered some wood etc to be delivered and Paul as spent the day getting some temporary walls up ready for when the cold weather arrives.

Here you can see where Paul's removed the trellis at the front and also where he's started to wall the right hand side.

Whenever we have tried using tarpaulin tp protect this side the winter winds and storms have always torn it and we've had to make repairs to last the winter.

The view from the outside.

This side is now finished with some thermal plastic sheeting to allow light into the area.

The left hand side, behind all the things inside, has had heavy duty plastic sheeting added, this side is fairly well protected by the carport and the pergola between the carport and the gazebo.
But Paul's put two clear thermal sheets fitted to the front to allow plenty of light in to the plants that will be over wintering inside this year.

Inside It was already feeling warmer .

The front corner.

So Paul just needs to make the door and then fill in the left hand side at the front, then it will all be snug for the coming winter and all the extra plants that have now got to many to fit inside the greenhouse can shelter here.


Sunday, 27 September 2015


Well now the years heading towards the colder months, we see little changes we need to make here and there in the garden

One of the changes was to save Venus from disappearing behind the shrub that had grown so big it was covering her view!
So we decided to move her forward, so the shrub can grow behind her and make the bed there deeper allowing us to put in a couple of other flowering shrubs.

Above you can where Paul widened the  bed and put Venus in pride of place.

I did worry a little that Venus will now be out more in the weather but hopefully she'll continue to cope as she as done for the last fifteen or so years since we purchased her.

Today we went and purchased some paving stones which we put on edge and part buried to form an edge between the border and the grass, this stops the dogs from walking over the borders and gives a good edge to cut the grass.

Over time the plants will grow and soften the paving edge.

The corner, part already established and part newly planted.

The plants moved earlier in the month are doing well.

Paul cut off a couple of branches that were overhanging the back and it's allowed some dappled sun to filter through into this area.

This area that was also replanted a couple of weeks back is looking well and the plants appear to be enjoying the change of scene.

Paul's new Yucca is now in the greenhouse due to the nights being colder and knowing that it's come from a greenhouse , it's best it stays in one until next year.

Don't know what we'll do next year if it grows well during next summer! It's already near the roof of the Green house!

I love this Hydrangea that's down near the back gate in a shady spot.

It always flowers for  long time and looks lovely and healthy with plenty of blooms.

Still plenty of colour in the flower garden


Plenty of Dahlia's still flowering in the pots.

So another little job done but as any gardener will know there are plenty still waiting to be done, until the Winter sets in and the garden goes to sleep.


Friday, 25 September 2015


Well the plants that Paul bought did! Paul had bought a Yucca Jewel which we'd seen while eating lunch in their greenhouse cafe area and due to the size it needed to be delivered.

Once home he decided that he'd ask if he could have another couple of plants added to the crate that it would arrive in!

So on Thursday they arrived.

the crate

out of the crate

First up is this little Yucca Rostrata which can stay in the ground..

then we have

This is the Yucca Jewel which we have put for the moment near the greenhouse because it will need winter protection.

It's over six foot high with a spread of about four foot and will look fabulous in Paul tropical area next year.

a close of the plant.

Now we'd seen another plant Paul wanted, so when he phoned to have it added to the delivery I told him to ask them for the biggest he could get for the price ! and we were blown away when this plant arrived because it looks about two foot taller than we expected , not that we are complaining! We think it's fabulous service !

It about seven foot with lots of palms and three lovely trunks, because this is hardy Paul will be able to plant it in the back of his Tropical border to make a nice statement.

From the other side, the sun was shining so the photo's a little blurred.
It's a Trachycarpus Fortunei.

So Paul will be doing some planting this weekend , weather permitting!


Saturday, 19 September 2015


These are the final photo's of our visit.

A sculpture of a giant seed head.

I love this glimpse of the door to the summerhouse.

Another garden area with a pond to the centre

The stairs leading down into it.

On the other side of which was a water feature with pond.This garden leads you to

This garden with a large fountain .

lots of oranges and yellows.


lots of Dahlia's around the gardens.






We have a couple of these plants at home but have never yet managed to get them to look this good.

Definitely going to have to get these wonderful flowers to work in our garden!


Walking back towards the side of the house , your eye being drawn again into the distance.


Then back front to the front


Lots of Aeonium in this garden, planted in the ground, they must either cover them or dig them up and over winter them in the greenhouses.


So our visit was over ! All apart from a visit to the tea rooms for afternoon tea and then a purchase or two from the plants sales area!

If you ever get the chance to visit this garden, you will not be disappointed. It's a wonderful space full of differing area's and although the planting due to the size is on a grand and abundant scale, there are idea's and area's that you could take home to your own little patch and make your own.

For me? Well I'm working on finding a place for a nice brick build room like the one in the corner of the walled garden..... now I just need the space and a willing builder...... Paul !


We would like to thank the gentlemen who own East Ruston Old Vicarage in  Norfolk, for opening their magnificent garden to the public in the afternoon's and allowing us to wander round and sit and enjoy such wonderful plantings and space and to see what changes have been made and plans that are beginning to emerge. If we lived down the road we'd visit more often .