Sunday 17 January 2016


Well we are halfway into the first month of the new year and we've had our first really Wintry day with SNOW!!

This was the scene this morning out into the front garden.

looking left towards the neighbours

Front garden again

Neighbours on the right hand side .

Late afternoon , early evening the Gazebo

The snows melted but its bitterly cold.

The plants are now covered with fleece to help keep them warmer and there is a greenhouse heater in here to take off the chill if it drops to 1c.

It seems to be keeping them quite well but this is the first really cold spell.

So all's looking well inside.

The raised bed at the end of the Garden.

You can see the Banana wrapped up from protection through these winter months.

The Yucca is looking well in the greenhouse, thank goodness!

The other plants in there are also doing well.



I realised that I did not show you the gazebo finished being covered in, to give us some much needed winter storage.

These were taken on the 1st November, the gazebo now has a door and is weather tight to a good degree.

Door opening out to allow for maximum storage inside.

Some plants already inside for protection.

Paul left the three bales of hay inside until he could use it fir protection plants in garden.

 At that time Paul also bought some scaffold boards which he cut up to make a cold frame for down by the greenhouse.

The rough plan and measurements.

 Putting it together.

front and back sections

Paul had cleared a place in the raised bed that runs towards the back gate, this is where he finished putting it together.

 The two ends

The box is formed

the sloping side

This is the nearly finished coldframe, it's been made deep to allow for a false bottom for storage and also so half could be removed for taller plants, However this is as far as Paul got.