Sunday, 15 August 2021



Between the two french doors at the back of the house are several pots containing Agapanthus and also Pineapple lillies.

The white and blue agapanthus are flowering, differing heights due to age of the plants.

The pineapple lillies are doing beautifully this year and have plenty of flowering spikes.

Sunday, 8 August 2021


 Our next door neighbour bought a couple of tin planters for his garden but decided he did not like them anywhere, so gave them to us.

We decided to buy some plants and plant them up today. Once we'd returned from the garden centre it was time to find them just the right spot. Somewhere we could see the plants daily. So we tried out the front of the house first but they were to big for the only place available.

Then we tried a couple of places round the back until we found somewhere we could see them from the patio.

They have this tree motif on them.

We moved the round pot along into the centre at the side of the path and placed the two new pots either side. Then we filled them with Perennials, which we will transfer to the garden beds at the end of the season.

 The pot on the left has a Kniphofia Pyromania Backdraft, a White Gaura, a deep pink Veronica and a Dahlia called Melody.

In the right hand pot is , a Pink Gaura, an Echinacea called Moods Symphony , a purple Veronica and a Dahlia called Icoon.


So two lovely pots of colour with the Canna sitting in between.

Friday, 6 August 2021


 I decided I wanted to get Paul to build a pergola style area over the metal garden bench in the formal bpx garden.

We had cleared the path down the fence side and have a beautiful cream jasmine that is growing well along the trellis.But it is now so big it falls across path.

So the area where the pergola will go over the seaating will also be part of a covered walkway. Which is where we started along by the fence where the jasmine is.

Walkway towards the seating area.

A work in progress.

So next we have to deal with the seating area

So the posts were put in for the pergola to continue round over the seating.

Rails above seating area.

All finished , the far righthand side has no rails due to the wistera branches long standing filling the top of this space .

Right hand side.

Middle , seat needs repainting.

Left hand side .

We have planted two figs on this left hand side which are both already baring fruit.

The smaller of the two, brown Turkey is already fruiting really well.

So another job done and now the Wisteria, Rambing rose Manninton Mauve and the cream Jamine will have something to cover in the coming years.