Sunday 19 March 2017


So the weather is brighter but still cold . Today it's also very windy and cloudy.

The Magnolia Stellata is starting to open .This little Magnolia as always flowered well ever since it was planted.

This bed always gets the sun , so the flowers open well.

Lots have opened to day due to the sunny weather.

A close up of one of the flowers.

Also my large Magnolia, Black Tulip as the beautiful flower starting to open. When I first bought this Magnolia I almost gave up with it as it only ever had one flower and the frost would always come and kill the bud before it got a chance to shine.

This year it's full of flower buds, however we are about to get some cold weather, I just hope all these lovely buds get their chance to shine like the one on the left.

but at least I can enjoy this one .

This Camellia is also ready to flower.

The Canna's are starting to sprout so have been moved from the greenhouse, to free up some space and into the cold frame.

The rockery is looking good.

I bought this little Daffodil bird feeder the other week because some of the price was donated to the Macmillan Cancer nurses.

It's made of cast iron so should last a good while.

So now that Spring's arrived lots of jobs need doing, plenty of plants need cutting back or moving, things need repairing and some replacing.
And changes need to be planned...... another year in the garden.....