Wednesday 24 February 2021



These lovely deep pink Hellebore's are flowering beautifully down in the shady part of the garden.

These ones are in a raised bed , so much easier to see the face of the flowers.

In the same raised bed are these clumps of purple crocus

This little white Camelia is already flowering.

Lovely soft white.

Our neighbours, one house over, removed a fifty foot tree from their garden last year and now we have a much more open view down into the village of Gosmore which is behind us.  Also this tine of the year all our climbers have died back from the trellis which also opens up the area.

The tubs of tulip bulbs in the box are starting to grow.

Late last year Paul discovered that this two headed horse ridge tile had been blown off the Lychgate roof !! Thankfully it landed on some trellis used for shading at the side of the Lychgate but will need to be put back.

Where it should be !

These tiny daff's are in flower on the rockery.

a closer look

This large Camelia , near to the house , nearly always gets hit by the frosts, it is full of buds and now the gazebo is behind it, so I'm hoping it may get some shelter and it's flowers not get so frost damaged.

Only time will tell.

Now we are heading into the March and the days are warming up, we'll start to spend more time outside tidying and doing those never ending jobs.

Saturday 13 February 2021



The garden has been looking lovely due to the snow that fell last week.

Since we are still in lockdown and no longer working for us it was not an issue and it was so nice not to have to think about getting out onto snow covered country roads at seven ion the morning!

We only really had one snow day, where it snowed all day and laid. The rest of the week was just so cold that the snow stayed on the fields and gardens , gradually reducing whenever the sun managed to appear.

The weather has stayed bitter with the winds reducing the temperature massively during the day.

The bird bath has needed de icing every day .

But hopefully it won't be long until Spring arrives and the place warms up and all the new growth starts.