Sunday, 27 March 2016


At last it's spring! So it's time to get outside and finish some of the jobs ready for the growing season.

Which meant Paul finally got outside and finished his cold frame that he showed you the start of back  January.

This is how it was left although Paul did give it a coat of preservative. So today Easter Sunday between down pours he made up and fitted the top.

He decided to make the top in one piece, using some perspex's sheet we had left over.

It's already in use!

The fixings for the perspex give a nice finish.

So another job done , but the list is never ending...


Saturday, 12 March 2016


Finally a nice spring? day , sunny and warm at times , so it was off to the garden centre for some bags soil improver which were on offer along with  another offer of three free bulbs when you spent £15.

So we returned with 6 bags , buy two get one three  and a free bag of three bulbs , plus another bag we bought and eight tiny hanging basket plugs to grow on in the green house.

So soon Paul had dug the soil improver in and moved the bird bath, as it was lower than the new soil level, we decided to move it along slightly so it was more central.

Paul moved the rhododendron that was along the back fence forward, it is quite dry at the back line , so he felt it may do better in a more central position.

Here you can see the new soil meeting the old border level.

At some stage we'll need to replace the back fence but that's a job for the autumn.

another view.

The next photos are a little dark as I forgot to go take some once Paul had cleared up most of the pots and empty bags etc out of the way, so it was getting dark when I took these next ones.

We now have a row of lavender along the front edge behind the paving slabs, along with some more perennials , that we bought last year and have grown on in pots until now.

a wider view so you can see where it is , on the left of the house garden with the gate ahead that leads into the flower garden and beyond.

So another small area sorted ready to give some lovely colour come the summer.