Sunday, 26 January 2020


The trough is starting to blossom with various plants beginning to show their colours.

Hopefully in a week or two there will be a nice spread of colour.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Ever since we re did the front of the house, we have wanted to obtain an old long cattle / animal style drinking trough or cast iron water closet with the lovely detailing on the side.

 Something like this that sits on the ledge behind this pond, however years ago these could be picked up for a song but with gardening being no longer the home of dedicated amateurs and now open to designers etc , these if they can be found are sold for a cost of a small second hand car !

I have found old water troughs no longer suitable for purpose,  due to wear and tear, but even those if affordable would cost half again in postage/carriage.

So I went in search of an new alternative.

and found this from a farm suppliers, available in several lengths which meant I could get one just the right size for the place I wanted to place it and with delivery it was half the price of an old one.
Of course it's not going to get dull any time soon but once it's planted up and has a few other pots in front it won't be so shiny.

A couple of bags of gravel and several bags of compost and grit later we were able to plant a small confer style tree in the centre to give it some all year round colour and height.

Sunday I finished planting it up to give it some winter interest.

 I have put in a mix of Primroses and Primulas plus some winter Pansys along with a couple of ferns and deep red Cyclamen which should see us through winter and spring with some colour.

This post was writen last year but I forgot to add it !