Saturday, 2 May 2020


I do love when May arrives, you know you are now heading much closer to summer and that lovely, hopefully warmer brighter weather.

The sun today was catching the tulips and setting them on fire !

 I'm loving how these colours look in the sunshine and that they are still putting on a good show.

 a last look!

 Mm those pots have appeared on the wall of the folly!

 This Yellow Abutilon is looking wonder already.

 and this pink and yellow one we bought last year is going to be come a favourite , just look at that gorgeous colour combo.

 The Wisteria is starting to fill out.

 The Iris bed is looking healthy and has plenty of buds coming through.

 and the tree peony is starting to flower.

So a good start to the month .



  1. It all looks lovely and healthy. I do like the tulips, their colours are very's a long time since I've seen tulips in 'the flesh' so to speak.

    1. It is all coming along well and the recent rain has helped too!
      Can tulips not grow in Spain or just no one puts them in? xx