Wednesday, 20 May 2020


When we decided to move our Irises into their own bed and make it round the circle of the Sundial in the flower garden, we never dreamed it would work so well.

 It's definately come into it's own this year. Putting on a great display of flowers.
But having two boisterous large dogs can lead to the odd accident as they love playing rough and tumble with each other in this part of the garden, even though we keep the gate shut and they are only allowed in with us.

 So after a couple of accidents were they knock off a couple of stems of buds we came up with this solution while we need to be going back and forth.

 We've used the dogs old puppy playpens to encircle the Irises and keep happy dogs tails away from flower stems.
There is even a gate to get in and out of the circle without needing to dismantle it.

So the Irises are happily flowering away safely.

 a gorgeous deep yellow

Bright yellow and brown.

 purple with a white centre.

Lilac and white.

We intend to widen the iris bed by another foot or so and have ordered some other coloured Irises which flower at different tmes to keep a longer period of flowering and interest.



  1. That is a very good idea! We had irises in our house in Estepa, the purple ones, they were so pretty. Fortunately our little dogs have tails that wouldn't even reach up to them so they were safe!! :D

    1. It's worked so well we will make it bigger and have already ordered some new irises to go in :) xx