Tuesday, 1 June 2021


 I did not realise that I had not kept you all up to date on the gazebo transformation. After putting in the side wall with stained glass , we then started on the front wall .

This was how we left it on last update.

So for this side that faces into the garden we had bought two original stained glass windows that came out of a house in London.

So these are the two windows I fell in love with.

and this is a photo of where they came from.

So we decided to use them in our gazebo.

So we wanted to keep plenty of light coming in, which meant that we placed them together as a pair in the centre.

View from side with small wall below and a couple of strips at the edges. Then Paul had to make a couple of leaded lights to compliment the old windows.

one in and one to go !

Both now in!

Here you can see the two new windows take some detail from the originals but leave the old windows to be centre stage. The new windows need for the putty to finish drying then they can be cleaned.

So just a couple of more small things to do and then it's all finished but already a place to enjot the outdoors and forty winks like Mabel in the wicker chair on the right!


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