Friday, 10 July 2020


This week's been very showery but especially in the early evenings just when we've finished work so could have gone outside to continue working on the flower garden.
But at least it's allowed the garden to have a good watering which will help when we continue working on it at the weekend.

 So it's sat like this all week however we have had time to look at it and discuss it. Paul suggested taking away the pavers that allow us to walk to the sundial and to have a complete circle.
However as we are going to ring it with the same fivebar gate style metal fencing we have in the house garden and would need to be able to get into it to weed etc,I suggested keeping one side still paved.
Paul said to leave the paver on the far side as then when you enter the garden from the housethe circle would look complete, so that's what we intend to do.

 The new extended border is growing well especially since it's been getting a good watering from the rain.

 Elsewhere the Nasturtium's are looking nice and bright.

The tomato plants in the greenhouse are growing well with little tomatos already grwoing.

The meat eaters are sheltering in the greenhouse!

Everywhere is growing and green

This tray is full for rainwater .

This area in the house garden is doing well with the red hot pokers and the red lucifer starting to add some colour.

The red hot poker's growing well.

Lucifer looking tall and majestic.

The pots on the aptio are doing well.

 the other pots on the patio.



  1. It's all looking very green now Dee, the rain has really helped.

    1. Yes a nice bit of rain does wonders for the garden :)x