Sunday 19 July 2020


So we have completed the enlarging of the flower borders in the flower garden. This also involved as all good redesigns do, a trip to the garden centre for a feww more plants to fill a couple of spaces.

 and here it is , seen from the cloisters, looking towards the house.

 Paul pretty much completed the last border increase on his own as I had other commitments and a great job he did.

 border four on the left as you come through the gate into the flower garden.

Border three which is pretty much in the shade most of the time especially in the back corner.

Border two next up from gate on the right

 Border one to the right as you come through the gate into the flower garden area.

 The Iris bed as now had a top dressing for gravel and all the leaves have been cut down to enable the corms to get as much sun as possible so they have plenty of energy to make beautiful flowers next year.

We also obtained more of the five bar gate panels and Paul bent these to curve round the bed, with one at the far middle that can be removed so we can enter and exit for weeding etc.

 Left side

 Right side.

 Billy Bob the goat showing you where the entrance to the sundail irsi bed is.

 So that's the borders sorted, now we have to decide what we are going to put in place of the grass!

But that's for another time !



  1. i really look forward to these posts !!!!!!! xxxxxx

  2. It looks really good Dee, I think you've both done a great job of this part of the garden. I like that metal five bar gate fencing, it works so well at keeping the beds safe from big Retriever paws and yet enabling you to still see the plants clearly.

    1. Thanks Sharon :) Yes we are hoping the metal fencing will save the Irises from being broken by a swinging dog tail or a chase round and then across the Irises! xx