Saturday 11 July 2020


Paul spent today working on the changes in the flower garden. I had to work this morning, so could only help out this afternoon and our daughter Lindsey also gave a hand.

 Paul moved the grass between the two pavers and put them closer together as this will be where we enter the circle to get to the sundial and also to weed or look after the plants.

 I placed all the grey bricks around the other side of the circle.

 Paul had removed the pavers on this side, where the white tray is, so now this side runs round to the pavers on the far side to the entrance.
 Paul and Lindsey removed the grass from the extended flower bed and Paul dig it over and I placed the grey bricks to edge it.

From this side you get a better idea of how it's looking.In a way it's a shame we cannot regrass the path but it would just get ruined by the dogs plus we need a path to walk on in wet weather.

 Paul planted the other row of Irises but we have room for a few more.

  We also planted the extended part of the flowerbed. So that's two down and two more to go!


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