Sunday, 28 June 2020


So Paul finshed his chellenge on Saturday.

The Winter storeage is complete, the roofing felt as been trimmed and edged with a wooden trim.

all gaps have been covered and some weed suppresant laid. We have put most of our empty pots in here on one side just for now while we deal with sorting out a place to store them.
But apart from maybe laying grave in here, it's finished.

This is the leylandii hedge that belongs to our good neighbour, however he's gardener decided a few years back that he could not reach past the middle but we were not told until a few years later.
Then it's taken us another couple of years to start to do something about it!

This is the other end of it, it probbaly runs a good 70 to 80 foot long.

 I came down the garden to find Paul had decided it was time to start cutting some of it back! He'd started at the compost bins, the branches were overshadowing the tops of the bins, I'd cut o few of the lower ones back a couple of weeks ago but the more stolid higher ines I'd not been able to cut.

 slowly getting there above the bins. Our garden is lower than our neighbours, so his six foot is our seven.

We will trim it back and get rid of the very high branches over the next few months. Then come the autumn we will slowly work on cutting it back to the main centre trunks, taking out all the extra smaller trunks that are on ourside, until we are able to fit a fence against it. which will mean our neighbours gardener can maintain the hedge and we won't have to spend hours working on it every couple of years.

 The roses like this rambler are looking wonderful at the moment, this one's been getting more and more buds opening each day.

This one, Tess of the D'urbervilles, which was cut back, is now flowering well, a lovely deep red.

The standard , Molineux is again in full bloom.

The beautiful pink of  Spirit of Freedom

 A splash of yellow Inula

 a purple geranium

 My scented leaf geraniums taking the sun on the rockery.

So just a little of what needs doing in the gardens started, we still have plants that need a home in the borders and borders than need widening. So Plenty still to do!



  1. Ah, Paul, Man Of Action!
    There's no stopping him, is there? What a garden super hero he is.

    I do love your garden, even though the blog posts about it leave me with a regular sense of guilt. (We are beginning to appreciate the beauty of weeds....). What 'd like to see here is a plan, showing all the various features and areas, so I can imagine just how you manage to fit so much in.

    1. Not when he's on a mission!
      Please don't feel guilty there are plenty of weeds around we just don't share them :)
      There was a plan on here somewhere but it's probably time for a new one. I will attend to it madam :)

  2. All your plans are going very well and Paul's chopping down of the conifers will give you more light too I expect.

    1. The conifers being smaller will certainly let more light in :)