Sunday, 28 May 2023


Today I had a chat with Paul about the end raised bed, which is slowly month by month falling apart as the old wood rots.

I suggested that we could use what was left of the old sleepers that made up the previous pond that was on the patio by the house. We had a look at what we still had unused and found two of the long lengths and three smaller pieces.

After a measure up, we knew it would work. Some of the sleepers had rot at the end of them but it worked out that we could cut the worse of the rot off and just had in the smallest piece left to complete the top section.

We have placed them onto small concrete blocks, so help keep the bottom sleepers from rotting.

At the moment looking like a mishmash but once they are in and secure with a capping, we will give them a couple of coats of black stain/preservative which will pull them all together.

Rufus giving it an quick inspection before we can go in for a cuppa.

So I am really pleased with this, using up the sleepers that have just been tucked out the way and starting the repair of the raised bed. Now to work out just what we need to finish the job.

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