Tuesday 23 May 2023



All the flower beds have now been increased, so naturally we wandered off to do a little change around.

While sitting in the flower garden, we decided to return the four blue pots, which were originally either side of the two covered benches, and that we put in the pond garden, back to their original place.

We lost our two bay trees unfortunately over the cold winter, so we decided that the two big terracotta pots the trees were in could be put with side of the lychgate in the pond garden.

So we went off to the garden centre and unplanned, as usual, we returned with four Azalea's! Two of which we have put in the big terracotta pots.

Two are evergreen, so the pots will have some colour through the winter.

So a lovely splash of colour in May.

The other two are non evergreen and are now potted up and standing the other side of the lych gate.

a lovely pink

and a white

so now back to sorting out the flower garden.

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