Monday, 8 August 2022


 Years back we put in three corden apple trees, however over time we have let the Bramley apple tree become a tree rather than keep it restricted to hedge height.

It produces a lovely lot of apples, which we can harvest and make things like Apple crumble out of, delicious!

Letting it become a tree also helps give some shade, something we are going to need to think about if our summers are to continue being this hot.

Paul's picked a few for a crumble for tea tonight.

The new folly wall is coming along nicely, and we will soon need the window, to be able to continue.

It's so nice it's getting done and also using up some of the bricks that have been sitting around for a good few years, waiting. 

Finally, all the bricks I'd moved under the lychgate, when we were replacing the fence and needed to move the compost bins, have been used up and once Paul's out the way, I will be able to remove the unwanted bricks (wrong type) and give it a good sweep.

We still have another two large piles of bricks, so plenty to work round the window once it's in and the rest I may use for part of the paving in the flower garden.

So, coming along nicely.


  1. Apple crumble, sounds delicious. We once tried planting a young Bramley tree in our garden, but unfortunately it died.
    Your husband has been very active in transforming the garden. It has been extremely hot in Japan and working in the garden during the day is a risk to our lives.

    1. Apple crumble is delicious. It's a shame your Bramley apple tree did not live.
      My husband has been very busy but we have had to stop because again it is very hot.
      Stay safe in this extreme weather