Tuesday, 16 August 2022


 Well, I have spent a week not getting round to ordering the window we need for the folly! But today I finally went on the site to check the name and order number. While there I thought I'd check their 'grave yard' this is the area where they will sell off kits of all the stonework plus brick to complete a folly or some of the parts ie: windows, doors, statues and various other items.

 All have been used in their garden designs and then removed when they have updated. Now in their graveyard is the window I wanted to order but with one of the parts broken. There are two one with the break on a left and one on the right. So I rang them and rats! They are waiting for someone to get back to them as to which one they'd like! 

We would like the break to be on the right-hand side of the window, but we will have to wait to see which the other person wants before we know which way they go!

But Paul took some photos of the folly which I'm going to share with you.

Of course, as soon as the gate was removed Casper was inside!

Here the cheeky lad comes back.

Finally, it's cooled down and giving the new plants a rest from all the hot sun.

A view from the lychgate.

Hopefully we will hear back about which window we will get later today or tomorrow and then it will be on it's way and Paul can get the wall finished.

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