Saturday, 1 August 2020


Well remember the fallen dead elder tree that was blocking the back gate?

 All gone! They came yesterday morning and we could hear all the chainsaw etc and when we checked later lovely and clear.

 The stump was still in place but Paul gave it a couple of pushes and it just came away, so it was completely rotten as you can see from this photo the holes going through the middle.

I had previously said to Paul that it would be nice to have an old piece of tree in the shade garden by the lychgate, he suggested using this but I thought it could be too big.

 But by keeping it upright and putting in a corner it's looking good. paul planted a couple of ferns into the top holes.

 The view of the top.

Looking across from the folly window.

Does look like it could have always been there!

Looking from the lychgate.

another small piece we placed behind these plants.

So not only has it opened up the sun to our greenhouse at the back and cleared a space by our back gate, it's also made a couple of features for the shade garden, I'd say that was a good result from what could have been a small disaster !

We have noticed that there is another dead Elder trunk hidden amoungst the birch trees outside the gate, so we'll let them know about that to be safe.


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