Wednesday, 5 August 2020

BANANA !!!!!

Well Paul was working in the garden on Sunday , around our jungle area, when he happened to notice that we have Bananas!!!!

 There is our first ever banana flower...

 and right behind is a bunch of bananas!! There probably won't mature enough to ripen but it's amazing to have them there!!!

 Thats the banana plant in the middle it's very tall and is probably about six years or so old.

 It will be interesting to see how far they can get in our english summer, we are supposed to get a ten day long spell of very hot weather maybe that will help them!

 But we'll just enjoy the fact that our banana got some bananas!



  1. No longer can you sing, "Yes, we have no bananas; we have no bananas today!"

  2. Wow that is wonderful! You have the loveliest garden and that photo showing where the banana tree is located, is really brilliant.