Sunday 1 March 2015


Today dawned nice and sunny and not to cold, although the wind was gusting and was cool, the sun made it seem much warmer. So both of us , yes even me have been out in the garden making changes!!

We need to make some decisions! we want to change this fence but do we have the funds to do it now? or will we have to wait until the Autumn!
We would like to to match the one on the other side of the flower garden that we had to replace due to last years gale force winds.

This is the fence we would like to have on the side I just showed you but there are other things calling on our funds like the Workshop roof! and the compost bins !

That's Izzy at the front and Hamish at the back, both had a trim with the clippers and a lovely clean bath today.

The four corner's of the flower garden, this is the first.

The second

the third

the forth.

All needing a weed and a compost ready for the flowers to start shooting up.

Paul cleared a space to plant his large palm.

a view of the lovely blue sky!

We have had to remove the trellis that was helping to shade this area as the heavenly Bamboo is now so big it needed space to grow, there are two of this shrubs in here so we decided to move the smaller of the two on the left to another area of the garden.

This area by the apple trees looks quite open in the winter due to all the shrubs losing their leaves, so we decided to move the smaller of the Heavenly Bamboo's to here.

But first Paul needed to cut back the apple trees ready to help them fruit well for this year.

The sun shining on the formal garden, you can just see Izzy!

The standard rose in the centre needed a trim ready for new buds.

So Paul trimmed that.

One of the chain reactions that happens when the garden is back in focus is decisions are made as you go along and this honeysuckle had been allowed to grow too big and to far forward and it was forcing the plants in this part of the garden to lean forward for light.. In amongst it is an evergreen Clematis, so I decided that it needed cutting back hard! The Honeysuckle that is.
Then while cutting it back I decide that it could go! The evergreen Clematis could then be used to cover the trellis and we could add a climbing rose for later colour.

So an hour later most of it was cleared off and we now have a great pile of cuttings to bin!

It's opened it up to much more light for now plus we can get to that piece of fence that the honeysuckle covered and give it a coat of stain. I still need to cut  more but have to be careful NOT to cut through the evergreen Clematis or that would  defeat the object !

Meanwhile Paul had trimmed off the top growth on the apple trees.

This is the Bramley Apple tree trimmed.

So yet more garden waste to dispose of!

He then moved the heavenly Bamboo from here you can see the space that'sit's opened up by moving it.

To here ,  there by giving some privacy on this side of the garden and adding some structure and colour.

The greenhouse is full to overflowing!

Paul has plans to rig up some extra winter cover later this year so that there's room to move in here in the winter!

I'd like to say I am finished but I now have to go out and cut the apple twigs to fit into the recycling bin and also finish cutting back the honeysuckle then tying in the evergreen clematis!
Paul still as to replant a couple of shrubs that had to be moved around to make better use of some space! And I was only going out to sweep all the leaves off the end paths in the raised garden!!!!



  1. Looks like loads of gardening was achieved by the both of you though. Well done as although we had the brilliant sunshine here too there was a biting cold wind.
    (It's only at times like these, when there is so much work to be done, that I appreciate having such a tiny garden.....the rest of the time i wish that .....!)

    I do hope that you can find the funds to renew the other side of the flower garden's fencing to match as it would look so much better... BUT having renewed all but four panels in mine last Autumn I am well aware of the huge expense and family manpower involved. (I'm hoping to replace those last four panels this year with no new Sasha Doll buying planned during 2015.)

    Great to see Izzy and Hamish out and enjoying their run around in amongst your gardening activities.

  2. It was a lot of hard working in your garden, but the result looks tidy and nice. you must be ready to welcome spring.