Sunday, 3 October 2021


 Well we could not rest on our laurels but had to continue working on the raised bed along the new fence at the end of the garden.

We started with working out where we would place the shrubs we already had, that were sitting around in pots.

Then we had to empty all three compost bins take them apart and move them back near to the new fence and along to the left. The bins were full ! Lots of lovely rich compost in two of them, so some of this we had to bag up until we can spread it on the garden in late autumn when the plants have died back.

By moving the compost bins to the left be gained this piece of border to add to the raised bed.

Once it was cleared I built an extension to the existing wall. It was then filled with compost.

We decided to move the compost bins along as well as back because the end of the right hand side bin was slightly past the folly wall, so was in view when you can towards the area from the crossways.

This area , so we decided that on the raised bed facing this walkway, we would place a paving slab and add a feature pot or statue. 

So we have for the moment moved the large terracotta urn from the house garden to here, to see if it suits.

So here is the area now with the pot in place and the compost bins moved over, which will mean we can have a nice shrub between the bins and the pot. We tried the piece of old mirror behind the pot but it does not work as we'd hope , you can still see yourself walking towards it. But we have another plan for the mirror now.

From further back where you can see me in the mirror but you can also not see side of the compost bin and once a nice shrub/plant is in that area it will look even better.

So the mirror will have a different place to be sited.

The five nice sized shrubs we already owned are now in , so can get some roots down before winter arrives. Paul took some cuttings of some shrub style ? one of which we will plant down by the pot on it's right and another in the gap shown on the right above.

We will also add some trailing plants along the front edge for some spring and summer colour. Plus a couple of climbing roses and clematis along the back of the fence.

Looking back from the compost bins towards the gate, still some more clearing up to do but much better than a few weeks back.

So it's slowly coming together.

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