Tuesday, 26 October 2021


 Now we are in Autumn and heading towards winter, Paul has been cutting back and removing shrubs in the front garden, which have been left to become overgrown and were taking up large parts of the gravelled area.

The fence was hidden behind all the shrubs that had taken over even coming two foot or more over the gravel. So that have been cut right back and some will be removed and this will give a chance to have a change around.

He's also been working in the flower garden at the back, removing a very large Honeysuckle bush and an evergreen Clematis.

We had cut it back to the ground years ago meaning to remove it , did not get round to it and it then regrew and filled the corner on the right to over flowing , the evergreen Clematis we put in it's place just then got tangled up in the honeysuckle .

Before photo from the summer showing the honeysuckle on the right.

and now ! This time the roots have been removed .

We have planted a Magnolia in the corner which has very large flowers and will make a lovely backdrop to the perennials.

Paul's also cut back the rose that was next to the archway and tied in some stems along the trellis , so hopefully we will have lots of lovely roses along there next year.

The rest of the bed needs digging over and a Rudbeckia that's taken over the space removed back to a small area and then we can replant with some of the plants we have recently bought on our garden and nursery trips.

From the house side it's opened up the space allowing some more light in for the winter months.

Now the field maple in the folly is changing colour it's easy to spot from the house.

It sits inside the folly helping to provide some shade in the summer months and beautiful colour as now in the autumn.

even the leaves laying on the floor of the folly look good !

Inside the folly.

 So even though our two garden recycling bins were only emptied this morning they are both almost full again .

So mush to do before the weather gets too cold or wet.


  1. I want to come with a rug, a good book and a large pot of tea so I can hide in your folly and read all day. It looks so inviting.

    The garden is lovely, as always Dee. I do wish we had the design,planting and construction skills you and Paul have. Not that I want to garden here today - we live in cold,wet, windy and wintery Wales and the house is much more inviting on days like today.

    1. You would be most welcome but its is very cold and windy here too but so far no rain.
      I can always give you some pointers for your garden xx