Sunday, 10 June 2018


Well since we said we'd join in the open gardens for the church again this year and the weather over  Spring was awful, we are way behind on where we would have been if march had come in as normal, cool bright days with only the occasional rain instead of the cold wet dreadful weather that seemed to last forever!

But moving on the Log Cabin is now up and being kitted out as a craft room.

Just the front board to paint and the side panels on the roof end to put on. Because of having to wait out the weather and complete this first, all else waited.

So finally the weathers with us more than not, so things are slowing beginning to take shape.

Which meant we finally got the house wall painted black .

So the lady's head planter could go back on the wall.

The black really lets this Acer stand out in the corner.

We put up another shelf under Neptune alas not black brackets, so may need to spray them later. We are re arranging pots of flowers for summer colour on here at present.

The wisteria's given way to the Rose Manninton Mauve a lovely rambling rose.

So there is still a mass of colour.

On the other side of the flower garden the Rambling Rector another rambler as filled one corner with it's blooms while across on the left is the Rose Blush Nosette is filling the space with pale pink blooms.

The rockery is doing very well in some cases too well and over growing smaller alpines.

I finally got around to planting up this window box on the workshop.

We also managed to repave the area in front of the folly window wall which meant that after a years wait I could finally plant up the old lion's head trough and also put the Gertrude Jekyll rose back on the right hand corner where it used to be when there was a small flower bed there.

Also the arch is now in on the Folly ! Paul spent last week getting the left hand column in ready for the arch to be fitted. He found that they are not formed for a perfect fit! So it was a case of making it fit as best he could. But as I said it's a ruin, so if it's not perfect lets not worry about it!

So finally we have the arched doorway! Now it's a case of getting more bricks on between arch and window and window and corner and then on the long wall. The floor in side will have to wait until everything else in garden is done.

Well now I must go and get one with more garden jobs, so much to do and so little time!


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