Monday 18 June 2018


So it was work all weekend to starting counting down towards the open day.

I've cleared the path to the seating area at the back of the garden, trimming back some plants and sweeping the path.

The little potting shed is looking tidy.

A new view from the little stone circle at the very back of garden.

Still need to clear this area of the winters earth and leaves and weeds.

We decided that box square was now too big for the new design.

So it had to go! Looks much nicer in there now with the space from the box square.

Last week Paul built a small section of wall on this side which we've put a climbing rose called Gertrude Jeykel up against.

Paul's added some more bricks to the wall, he still needs to add some linking the arch to the wall but needs to cut the bricks to suit, so that's on hold for a while.

The old wooden edging is now rotting and falling apart, so I removed this section, what was left of it and placed these large stones along the edge to help keep the earth back.

So this week it's the big clear up with maybe a little more folly building if time allows.


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  1. FAB, Dee! But I have to tell you, my weeds are better than your weeds, it's just what you put in your garden on purpose that is so much better than what we put in ours 😉😉!
    Replying to email v soon - when I can keep my head out of the bucket for long enough, blah! Xxxx