Sunday, 6 May 2018


SO we start our build !

Paul started at ten am with help from our son in law.

Preparing to cut mitres into composite boards which protect the wood from the concrete base.

In no time it seemed , it was time to fit the window.

I was painting wood protection on the two outside wall, back and left side, that we wouldn't be able to reach once it was put together. So was doing if by leaning over from inside every three boards high.

Room with a view.

Then the door frame.

Door frame in.

View from patio as more boards go on.

From other end. Time to stop for lunch before they carry on towards the roof.

30 minutes later getting ready to put in roof sides.

The sun blazing down and ready for roof boards.

Paul waving from roof, they've done front side and now working their way along the back.

We have a roof! well almost. Still needs insulation and shingles but it's covered.

Inside view of roof.

Time to put in doors.

view from far corner on the inside.

from doors back.

So it's up! If you take off the 30 minutes for lunch, it's taken Paul and Roy six and a half hours to get to this point.
All that's left to do is put insulation on roof and then the shingles on top of that and put insulation in floor and put down boarding. Trim the roof edge and then it's built.

Now if we'd got this things in , it would take the second day to finish. So the website's statement of it being able to be put together in two days is correct.

We are all very impressed with the ease of construction and the quality of the product.

Now to decide what colour I am going to stain it ! I'm thinking seagrass , a bluey green with cream for trim and doors and window, but who knows what may take my fancy when I'm confronted with the colour range available in wood stains these days.



  1. What a good job, fantastic!

    1. Thank you, we are very happy with how quick it went together.