Sunday 6 August 2017


Due to wet weather and working Paul did not get back to the folly digging until this Saturday.

After digging out the trench he started to put in the boarding that will keep the cement base in place while it sets.

Paul placed former's inside to make sure it was spaced correctly.

I think it's turning into a building....

Now all the boxing's in place ready for the base to be laid. You can see just how much the edges of the existing paving differs, so Paul made the boxing straight and level. we'll need to fill in the uneven edge once the base is finished and dry.

so quite a lot to fill up.

 When we originally decided to put a folly here it was going to be just this long front piece but as you can see once you actually start the design grows.... :)

  another sneaky peek at the stone work waiting to go in place!

Well we need to get about 20 bags of Ballast and four bags of cement! So we'll be taking a couple of trips to the DIY store , so will leave the cementing until later in the week or next Sunday.


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  1. OOOH It's looking good! Can't wait for next week's instalment! x