Sunday, 23 July 2017


So now the stone works arrived it's official ! There will be a Folly in the village!
Which means lots of work to do before we even get to the actually good part of building it!

So this is where it's going..

In our original plan for a folly, we intended to place it where the low growing planting is on the right of this photo but like all designs, it's been tweaked!

Years ago we put in six Laurel bushes to form a hedge to reduce the amount of light getting to the shady damp garden and also to hide the compost bins. Now they have to go!!

This small pile is just a tiny part of all the Laurel branches that now need to be taken to the recycling centre!

The lovely Laurel hedge is now just a wasteland of trunks awaiting removal. Unfortunately you always have to lose some plants in order to make the changes needed.

One of the changes brought on by the Folly will be the removal of this rose arch. The Mortimer Sackler rose on the right will have to be cut back hard, we have already cut back the Gertrude Jekyll rose on the left and this one may have to be removed. It will be replaced but with something more in keeping with the new folly design.

By the end of the morning we'd removed one of the Laurel brushes completely and still had five to go!
So we stopped for Lunch and to go out and get a few essential items, then after another cup of tea, we were back to carry on.

Several hours later we'd managed to remove another three of the Laurel bushes, so the space was opening up again.

The pile of waste is getting bigger!

The large roots that we dug out, along with a lot of chopping of roots with our loppers.

So two left to take out but since it's now after six pm we've decided they can wait for another day!

A few more of the folly components.

Well this is going to be a long job over the summer but I'll report the progress as and when it's made.



  1. This is all very exciting!! Shame about the laurels. I still kind of miss the leylandii although the garden has certainly benefitted since they came down. Looking forward to the next part of your folly build :) Jane x

    1. To be honest the Laurels were getting quite big for the space but it is a shame we could not just move them somewhere else in the garden.
      I bet your garden is much brighter and bigger looking now those Leylandii have gone :) x

  2. Ah, Dee and her follies - dolly buying follies and now building follies! But what fun it all is. I asked B about having one, but he says we have one, it is just that we live in it.

    It's sad about the laurels but they do have invasive and very trong roots so you are probably better off without them. I know follies are often meant to look like ruins but you wouldn't want yours to actually fall down after all the planning and work is completed!

    Can't wait to see it progress.

  3. Gosh! You and Paul don't half make a lot of extra work for yourselves with your new garden ideas and plans.
    Certainly don't envy you digging out those Laurel bushes but bat the same time am looking forward to seeing those recently delivered Folly stones in place!
    Smiled at Jenni's husband's comment about THEIR Folly.