Friday, 21 April 2023


Finally the weather improved enough for Paul to start repairing the pond. He decided that it would all need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt.

So we also decided to get a better pond liner as well.

The seven fish survived their reduced water level winter and have grown quite well , so we managed to catch them all and put them in a large tub to wait out the refit.

On our last pond , which was fine and had not issues, we'd overlapped the ends and used wooden dowels to hold the sides together.

So we could not cut these down and over lap them or the pond would shrink to much and more of the concrete base it sits on would show. But this time instead of relying on just the brackets inside, Paul's glued and dowelled all the corners and timber together and glued each timber to the one above.

Then he has also added some long metal bolts into the ends joining the wood at the corners. More metal plates inside and these have been well screwed in this time. So it hopefully won't be moved apart if the rain fills it with too much water. Oh and we also added an overflow , which we had left off last time.

The new liner is now in place and the pond filled. The fish are back in, wondering why the water's so deep and clear no doubt!

Just needs the liner cutting back and the top wooden edge re attached and then it's job done.

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